GreenMobility customer image card of a Green Mobility sharing car driving on the streets of Copenhagen.
GreenMobility logo with a heart in two colors.
Human Forest customer card image featuring a caucasian man riding an okai e-bike with a helmet on, during a green day in London.
Human Forest logo.

Our customers come from all over the world – each one working to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility.

Süwag customer image card of a caucasian couple riding a emoped in the sunset while the female smiles and stretches out her arms.
Süwag logo.
Hobo cover image featuring caucasian female person driving on a kickscooter.
Hobo logo.
Customer card image of RheinEnergie emoped standing on an urban street with vehicles in the bakcground.
RheinEnergie logo.
Customers hero image for Arnab featuring a caucasian man standing with a helmet looking down on his mobile phone.
Arnab logo.

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