Perfect pricing models

Create pricing models that work for your business.

Pricing plan display of different price rates per minutes, kilometer and per day in orange elements featuring small icons.

Make use of flexible pricing plans

Customize your pricing plans to cover rental costs per minute, per day, per kilometer, or as part of a subscription.

Membership display of super rides and hyper rides in the Wunder Mobility white label app.

Attract customers with subscriptions

Secure your monthly revenue by winning over your customers with special subscription offers.

Set different prices

Set different prices on your vehicles, reservation times,  parking times, and for using different zones.

Graphic of orange car renders displaying different prices per kilometer, from compact to luxury options.
Graphic of five euro voucher pricing display below icons of kickscooters and a charger with two plus icon signs.

Incentivize, incentivize, incentivize...

Offer credits to customers if they carry out certain activities, i.e. leaving one of your electric vehicles at a charging station at the end of their journey.

Black icon display of a kickscooter with a lightning bolt and an orange line underneath, featuring a copy stating riding fees.

Introduce pricing thresholds

Give your customers time to adjust before they set off. Offer attractive pricing thresholds so that the first few minutes are free and they are charged a set amount for every minute after that.

Price simulator demonstrating fleet size, avg usage per day, vehicle lifetime and suggested pricing model all in blue colors.

Price simulator

Plug in your numbers in the backend to find the right pricing model for you.