Manage your fleet - your way

Manage and monitor your entire fleet in real-time on any device.

Mobile and desktop devices with Wunder Mobility application displayed on them.
Three blocks of Wunder application showing vehicle status, utilization, and Energy level dashboards.

Access and act on different information fast.

Use the dashboard to get a complete overview of trips, vehicles, customers, and payments.

Set your own business area

Set up multiple business areas and switch between them easily.

Geofencing in Wunder Mobility software application.

Geofencing with a few clicks

Designate no parking zones, slow zones, or more expensive drop-off and parking zones like the airport. Change these geofencing settings whenever and wherever you need to i.e. for big events.

Points of interest display of cinema, supermarket, airport and hotel in different colors.

Points of interest

Flag up local landmarks or point users to stores or services you partner with on their maps.

Get to know your customers

From contact info or most visited destinations, find out everything you need to know about your customers all in one place.

Olive colored girl smiling and sitting on the co-developed Wunder Mobility bike, featured alongside orange copy description of unlock time, destination and rental state.