Connect with us

We connect, integrate, and manage your vehicles with the Wunder IoT Connector.
Smooth, simple, and stable.

IOT integration display with computer, mobile device and vehicle icons in dark and light blue colors.

Connect your vehicle to our software

Connecting your vehicles to our software has never been easier thanks to our IoT Connector.

Onboard and configure new vehicles

Adding vehicles and configuring your fleet is in your power.
We can also integrate different vehicles and models when you are ready to scale your operations.

Wunder mobility software platform displaying the location of several vehicles.

Track data, manage vehicles, and troubleshoot remotely

With your fleet connected to our software, you are fully in control. You can track the status of your vehicles, manage operations, and support your customers all in one place.

Vehicle states overview with 530 vehicles in Hamburg communicated, among other data.
Tobias, Arne and female olive colored colleague sitting and standing together, pointing at MacBook laptops and smiling in the office.

Your mobility tech experts

Start your journey with our expert team. With us, there’s no need to worry about the “tech” side of things – we’re here to help you every step of the way.