How evhcle is growing as a b2b2c mobility company

A grey car parked on the road featuring the evhcle wordmark and the word carsharing glued on the car.

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Founded in 2019, with a vision to enable customers from the real-estate industry and the German military with their unique multimodal business-model, evhcle has gone from strength to strength. Together with Wunder Mobility, and its developer-friendly API first software, evhcle has successfully leveraged sub-accounts and flexible pricing features to scale forward.

The case of evhcle is a case of a company with a less traditional business model paving its way to success by providing mobility as a service to different kinds of clients. Find out how Wunder has enabled them to customize and tailor their offering.

168+Electric vehicle fleet

MunichOperating Cities

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How evhcle used Wunder Mobility’s API-first platform to grow their b2b2c company

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Making shared mobility work for everyone - How eVehicle for You GmbH has grown as a B2B2C mobility company case-study in desktop, mobile device and tablet format featuring people riding multi-modal vehicles.
A caucasian woman and man riding cargo-bikes on an empty road.
Richard and Christoph the founders of evhlcle standing next to each other with a cargo-bike.
Two evchle cargo-bikes charging at an electric chargingstation.
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In 2020, I met Christoph, who started this company first by putting up scooters in hotels and service departments. We both shared the vision that the mobility of  people should not be reduced to having a parking lot

Richard Kemmerzehl
Founder and CEO, eVehicle for You GmbH

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