Payment methods you and your customers can rely on

Offer customers a range of trusted payment methods that work for them, and for you.

Display of different secure payment method options from gift card, Gpay, Apple Pay, Stripe and PayPal.

Secure payment methods

With the range of payment gateways that we offer, including Stripe, AWS Payfort and Braintree, you’ll be sure to find the right payment methods to offer your customers. Whether this be with credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or debit card, to name a few, your customers can pay for the ride in the way that suits them – and you – best.

Not sure which payment methods to offer? We’re here to help, just ask us, and we’ll support you.

Protect against fraud

Block customers if their payments fail more than a set number of times.

Graphic of payment profile featuring a rounded profile image of an olive colored man.
Orange coloured payment profile featuring apple pay, mastercard and paypal information and displaying an olive colored man smiling.

Make sure you get paid

Verify your customers’ payment methods before they start using your service.

Display of multiple letters on a billing interval on a monthly basis and orange kickscooter icons.

Trigger invoices

Decide how and when to send invoices. Group invoices so that your customers only receive invoices after 7 days, or once they have reached a certain limit i.e., €20.