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Our customers come from all over the world – each one working to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility.

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The best thing about this is that we have time to focus on what we do best, which is operating and growing our fleet. We can’t know everything about all these topics, so we can trust Wunder as the expert on these and we can focus on what we know how to do. In the end it’s a win-win situation.

Augustin Guilisasti
Founder and CEO, Forest

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Wunder is a reliable partner as we are scaling Felyx from scratch to thousands of vehicles in multiple countries!

Kasper Zwetsloot
COO, Felyx

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We safely migrated all of our customers and we preserved all of the data. Our customers basically woke up the next morning and just started using the new application and our services like usual.

Teodor Rachev
Founder and CEO of Hobo

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We know we can always rely on Wunder. What we really like about their system is the connectivity through all kinds of API solutions so that we can customize it.

Valerian Seither
Co Founder, emmy sharing

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Mobility is an essential part of the cityscape. The commitment to more digital and green options in this area is made possible through starting an e-sharing business, in collaboration with Wunder Mobility, these businesses can be launched very easily.

Neele Töbelmann
Business Account Manager, Wunder Mobility

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We went from 300 scooters to 800 scooters. We really felt the difference and it shows in the numbers of usage and in our income as well.

Adam Helgason
Founder & CEO, Zolo

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