Your own customizable app

Alongside our backend software, we also offer a comprehensive white label app that you can customize and use for your business.

A rounded image of the Wunder Mobility mobile app with a blue scan to ride button surrounded by cycling person point of interest icons, and different color options at the bottom.

Fully customizable

We provide the app, you choose the colors, branding, logos, vehicle icons, and more. Make your fleet, your fleet.

A caucasian man placing his mobile device on the front end of an ebike in order to check and use it.

From idea to activation in no time

Our app makes it easy for your users to find, book, and unlock your vehicles, and it can be rolled out fast.

Wunder Mobility white label app display of battery level, price, location, and vehicle.

Designed for your customers

Thanks to its state-of-the-art UI/UX design, our app is as easy as possible for your users.

Three blue bubbles with copy embedded displaying download, register, and ride, all featuring symbols on each of the copies right hand side.

Ready, set, go!

With its straightforward registration process, your users can download your app and access your vehicles in a matter of seconds.

Ultimate compatibility

Once customized by you, our white label app can be made available on the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

Half cut off images of Wunder Mobility mobile app on two different mobile devices, with advertisement below asking to download the app on the app store and google play.