How to incentivize your customers to take more trips with StriveCloud

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Everyday, sustainable mobility providers are on a mission to incentivize more and more people to change their mobility habits. However, creating excellent services and seamless operations is not enough. Customers need to choose your brand anytime they need a ride. But how can you offer something that goes beyond the standard rewards scheme? A simple yet very effective way to do it is to introduce gamification on your mobile app.

With StriveCloud, Wunder’s partner expert in gamification, you can motivate your users to complete more trips while engaging them in a fun and customer-centric app experience! In this article, we look at the topic of gamification and outline its major benefits for mobility providers. Are you ready to get your customers hooked?

What is mobile app gamification?

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game business contexts. It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. Mobile app gamification refers to the application of such principles to any app experience to boost user engagement and build loyalty.

How is it different from a standard rewards system?

Our brain is wired to be sensitive to rewards – we complete certain actions or commit to certain behaviors when we know there is a reward, either extrinsic (gift cards, loyalty points) or intrinsic (social status, progress, positive feelings).

Standard rewards systems usually stop at extrinsic rewards, which are not effective drivers of behavior in the long-run. On the other hand, gamification allows you to combine extrinsic and intrinsic rewards in a system that puts the user at the center of the experience. In this way, users are motivated to engage in tasks and behaviors that directly support your business goals.

Integrating gamification into your existing loyalty scheme is easier than you might think. With StriveCloud, Wunder’s gamification partner, you can easily implement a new rewards program or turn your current one into a fun brand experience. You can start using StriveCloud software just like a loyalty system and then build on top and enhance it with gamification features. The unique plug-in solution is designed to help you go the extra mile and build long term engagement!

On StriveCloud, you can access over 20 powerful interactive features proven to engage customers in a playful way and show them the impact of their actions. Do you want to create an in-app currency to show user’s CO2 emissions reduction? Or set up a challenge among neighborhoods in your city? The possibilities are endless.

After a while, your customers will come for the mobility and stay for the fun!

In fact, research proves that turning a standard loyalty program into a competitive game with leaderboards, challenges and achievements improves conversion rates i.e. encourages your customers to complete more trips using your vehicles and boosts referrals. That’s an easy win, right?

Why do shared mobility operators need it?

It isn’t easy to encourage people to hop on a bike over their own car, especially in a rainy city like London. However, this didn’t stop our customer HumanForest, whose mission is to make micro-mobility more popular, affordable and sustainable. Focusing on the main reasons why Londoners choose sustainable transportation, they teamed up with our partner StriveCloud to create and launch an impactful and fun loyalty programme.

With a winning mix of rewards, challenges, TreeCoins (their in-app currency) and lottery feature, HumanForest tapped into the motivations that drive users to pick up an e-bike.

Shared sustainable mobility is one of the best industries for implementing gamification, as it strongly relies on users’ motivations and behaviors. The key to a successful gamification programme is to transition from extrinsic rewards to intrinsic ones, such as feeling part of a community of change-makers, so that users keep using your mobility service because it’s fun and rewarding – both on the practical and on the emotional level.

What are the benefits?

To sum up, adopting gamification strategies in your mobility service will:

  • Incentivize desired behavior such as more rides booked and more miles traveled by your users  
  • Make the user experience fun, which research shows leads to customer loyalty.
  • Helps with fleet rebalancing
  • Helps you get to know your target audience better through monitoring their app experience data

With our partner StriveCloud, you have the power to motivate user behavior and create a brand narrative that strongly appeals to your target audience!

How you can get started with StriveCloud

When you are ready to step up your loyalty game, it’s simple to get started with StriveCloud.

First, you need to identify the best gamification strategy for your app, platform or website – what are the strongest motivators for your target users, which game dynamics do you want to include, etc. To do so, StriveCloud sets up a kick-off workshop for your team in which you can go through these things together and create the best plan for your loyalty scheme.

Second, StriveCloud will connect all your data points and CRM to the software so no user experience data gets lost. Finally, the StriveCloud team will uncover the latest features and possibilities and train your whole team to use the software so that you are able to make the most of your gamification system and adapt it to your needs.

Gamification features help position your business not only as a fun-to-use mobility provider, but also as a customer-centric and reliable partner on your customers’ journeys.

Are you ready to play by your own rules? Try StriveCloud now and build new and engaging loyalty experiences for your customers!

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