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Turn your website or mobile app into products users love with the plug-in gamification technology.


StriveCloud is a powerful platform that helps companies provide a memorable digital experience, reduce churn, and supercharger customer loyalty within any website, web, or mobile app. The plug-in gamification technology is designed for product managers who want to create highly engaging digital products that get users hooked.

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Make it competitive

With StriveCloud you can create competitions around any metric that matters to your business.

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Make progress visible

The user experience can be structured in a way that allows your audience to see progress and create goals that are challenging without being overly difficult to reach.

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Reward engagement and active participation

With StriveCloud you can easily track data, understand user progress, and reward users for behaviours that support your product goals. Set-up your own loyalty program or integrate existing functionalities into your products.

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Getting started with StriveCloud

Kick-off workshop

First, we have a kick-off workshop together to identify possible opportunities to gamify your website, your app, or any other digital asset, with a gamification strategy and action plan just for you.

Set Up

Next, we set up everything and make sure all your data points and your CRM (if you have one) are connected so you’re able to capture enriched data on your audience’s experience.

Onboard and train

And then we onboard and train your team to use the software, so you’re able to configure and mold all your gamified digital experiences entirely to your wishes and needs.