Scale your shared mobility business with our one-stop-shop solution

Share cars, bikes and scooters with the market leading platform.

A caucasian man riding the Yadea G5 electric moped on a bridge.

Everything under one roof

With our best-in-class software solution, customizable white label app, and sharing ready vehicles, you have all the tools you need to scale your shared mobility service.


Mobile App


A display of a laptop showing the software platform featuring a blue Audi car render and the task management feature buttons.


Manage all operations in one place and control your entire fleet in real time.

Smartphone and white label app render of a moped, battery and price displayed in it.

Mobile app

Find, reserve and unlock vehicles with our customizable white label app.


Connect and go. Our e-bikes and mopeds come with IoT built in.

Software platform displayed with a purple background.
A display of a laptop showing the software platform focused on the new task management feature options.

Task management

All your tasks at one glance

Struggling to keep track of your vehicles, tasks, and updates? With our dynamic Operations Map, you can see detailed IoT information (e.g. lock status, battery level, and more) for each and every vehicle. You can also set, manage and filter tasks at the same time.

White label app displaying different subscription package options.


Maximize your monetization

Looking for a way to secure recurrent and stable revenue? With our subscription and benefit passes, you can incentivize your customers to pay for your service on a recurring basis. You can also make use of invoice bundling.

Cut-out display of operations map in The Wunder back-end platform.

Operational excellence

Streamline your operations

Want to maximize revenue by reducing costs? In our software platform, you can set up business areas, make use of geofencing to keep customers out of no-go areas, and even offer vouchers and incentives to get customers to leave vehicles exactly where you want them.


Go further with flexible APIs

Ready to go the extra-mile with your service? We have trusted third-party extensions for each and every one of your needs, from tracking user behavior on your app, to leveling up your loyalty programs with gamification, to protection from fraud, and so much more.

Software platform displayed with a light orange background populated by logos of API brands.

Scale your business fast with our industry-leading software and vehicles

With us, you have one team working on every part of your business.

Wunder mobility software platform displaying the location of several vehicles in a phone and a desktop.