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Zoba drastically increases revenue with demand forecasting and optimization.

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Zoba increases the performance of micromobility and car-sharing fleets with market-leading demand forecasting and optimization. The Zoba Platform predicts near-term market conditions like demand, supply, and competition using historical and external data (e.g. weather). Using these predictions, Zoba makes recommendations for deployments, rebalancing, and dynamic pricing that will increase trips per deployed vehicle by 10-50%.

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Automated recommendations for deployments, rebalancing, and user incentives

Zoba automates your most important operational decisions so that you can seamlessly deploy and rebalance thousands of vehicles in any market in the world. Zoba’s recommendations are delivered into your Wunder operations tools via API so that you can immediately see results.

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Increased revenue

Following Zoba’s recommendations will have an immediate impact on your trips per deployed vehicle and revenue, allowing you to pay back your vehicles faster and become profitable.

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City-block level market intelligence

Always know where your demand will be, where your competition is, and where you can expect your vehicles to end up. Every minute of every day.

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This App requests access to

  • Live vehicle locations
  • Trip Data
  • MDS feed if available

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Reach out

If you are interested feel free to contact your Wunder business account-manger to receive more information and a demo.

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Connect your account

All connections are prepared and you are ready to go by just providing your Wunder Fleet API credentials to Zoba.

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Optimize your fleet

After the connection is set up data will automatically flow from Wunder Fleet to Zoba. Zoba will do real-time demand forecast, and integrate recommendations into your operations stack.

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