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Improve user conversion with our easy to integrate silent authentication solution.


Using SMS to verify mobile numbers creates a bad user experience which leads to abandonment, and lost revenues.

Instant PhoneCheck by tru.ID can verify a user's mobile number instantly, without the need for SMS or PIN codes, using the SIM card in their mobile phone. The result is a frictionless, secure authentication that improves user conversion and is quick and easy to implement.

Blazingly fast

Signing up with traditional identities takes minutes — when they work. Instant PhoneCheck verifies mobile numbers in seconds so your users spend less time waiting and more time using your app.

Invisible — Zero user input

Instant PhoneCheck whizzes your users through phone verification so you can convert every user. Since there's no action necessary, you can craft amazing onboarding experiences.

In-band and turnkey

With Instant PhoneCheck the user never leaves your app, and the entire verification happens seamlessly. Fewer dependencies, better security and a better experience.

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