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Motivate customers to book more trips with StriveCloud.

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At StriveCloud, we’re on a mission to incentivize people to change their mobility habits with gamification. So we built a modern software to introduce loyalty & gamification inside your mobility application. What’s unique, is that our program runs inside your mobile app with the flexibility to create a fun and engaging experience around riding a bike, scooter, or driving a car, incentivizing customers to book more trips, and attracting the younger generations.

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  • Motivate customers to book more trips with in-app rewards

Introduce badges, point collection, or virtual currency and allow customers to exchange it for free-riding minutes, shop items, or use it in a lottery to win bigger prizes.

“Our business model is also very suitable for gamification. Receiving rewards based on distance, kilometers, or minutes driven makes a lot of sense to use and goes well together.”

– Jennifer Dittmar @EVO Sharing

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  • More than random rewards on an external platform

Delight customers with a loyalty system enriched with gamification elements that run inside your mobile app and are experienced by customers at the moment they are using it.

“What’s really unique about StriveCloud compared to a regular loyalty program or customer marketing, is that your user experiences it inside the app, at the moment they’re using it. They literally get to see the amount of CO2 they saved, and how many trees that represent!”

– Michael Stweart, Co-founder & Head of Marketing @HumanForest

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  • Drive growth through loyal & engaged customers

Create a playful riding experience by introducing challenges, levels, and achievements. This is a proven way to build a loyal customer base that returns to your mobility app to book trips, keeps your mobility service top of mind with customers, and attracts the younger generations.

“On one hand we wanted to create a fun and engaging experience around the concept of HumanForest. On the other hand, we wanted to show the users the impact they were having on the planet.”

– Michael Stweart, Co-founder & Head of Marketing @HumanForest

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Kick-off workshop

We start with a 3h-fully digital workshop designed to identify the strongest motivators for your target audience, and possible opportunities to gamify your mobility app. Based on it, we create the best plan for your loyalty scheme. This includes expert recommendations for additional in-app loyalty & gamification features.

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Set up

Next, thanks to the direct integration we have with WunderMobility, we can easily set up our software to integrate the new features straight into your mobility app. The best part is, that the experience can be easily changed from a simple control panel, live into your app.

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Onboard & train

Finally, we onboard and train your team to use our software, so you’re able to configure and interate your loyalty scheme to your wishes and needs.

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