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AI contextualization platform and behavior change platform. We turn smartphone motion data into your customers' mobility insights, including driving behavior, mobility habits, lifestyle, contextual moments and more.


Sentiance enables MaaS companies to create innovative, human-centric solutions that accurately understand customer mobility behavior, and drive customer engagement based on our mobility insights.

Our motion intelligence platform uses location and mobile phone sensor data to create highly accurate mobility profiles, driving profiles, driving behaviors, crash forensics, and other mobility insights that previously required expensive hardware telematics solutions. We help MaaS providers to understand their customers better with contextual insights, and therefore drive hyper-personalized customer engagement at scale.

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We enable you to create hyper-personalized customer engagement through privacy-aware and contextual customer insights.

We turn motion data into contextual mobility insights and use behavioral change techniques to personalize engagement for safer and sustainable mobility experiences.

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Our smartphone-based transport mode detection can identify how your customers are moving around.

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Our driving behavior analysis can provide detailed insights into how your customers are driving, and our crash detection feature can detect car crashes in real time.

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