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Easily price your rentals based on your strategy and the current demand.


Taking a page from app-based car hire products, RateMonitor Elite supports you in employing a “surge pricing” strategy when your product is in demand! Alternatively, it helps you stimulate rentals by offering lower pricing when activity dips below normal, and you want to get your fleet moving. RateMonitor Elite helps you easily and effectively respond to – or drive- the market, all while increasing revenue!

By pricing with RateMonitor Elite, you can plan seasonal rates, special event rates, and even group discounts or other promotional rate strategies. It’s easy to plan ahead for the vacation season, holidays, or other occasions that impact demand for any and each of your products. All the while, adjusting for future competition and demand as it becomes more visible.

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RateMonitor Elite helps you price by demand, increasing revenue by 18% on average

There are two approaches to pricing; the first and most effective is where demand for a product drives pricing; the second is simple flat pricing – which is far less financially rewarding. RateMonitor Elite is the most successful competitive revenue management tool in the industry. Using RateMonitor Elite, your rental pricing is based on key market factors, including demand and inventory. Whether the demand for your product is steady or experiencing increased demand, your pricing is always optimal.

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Using RateMonitor Elite for pricing saves hundreds of hours

Customers using a market-based pricing strategy for their rentals will save hundreds of hours by off-loading the busy work of competitive pricing to automation. By using RateMonitor Elite to perform your (formerly) manual pricing tasks, more gets done more rapidly, and your rates are more competitive, all without keystroke errors! You are freed up to operate your business instead of spending time heads-down, checking and entering constantly changing rental prices.

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