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Fully automated ID & identity verification.


State-of-the-art ID & identity verification solution with support for ID documents in more than 190 countries. Delivers a superior user experience, is ultra-secure, works on any device with a camera and takes less than 10 seconds to complete.

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Liveness Detection and ID Verification

Verifies the authenticity of an ID document by performing a biometric match and through various ID data checks – and, uses liveness detection to confirm the physical presence of a real, live person in front of the camera. Detects bad actors and protects against all types of spoofing attacks.

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Security Safeguards and Privacy

Does not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), with all data processed on secure servers in Germany and in adherence with GDPR. Uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for fully automated processing for the purposes of ID& identity verification – requires no manual reviews and sharing of personal data with third parties.

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Customer Dashboard

Provides an easy-to-use and secure dashboard for a quick glance on usage statistics for the use of the Progeny service. Gives a detailed view on the number of ID & identity verification requests successfully processed, errors, etc through visualisation charts and data tables.

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Getting started with Progeny

Reach out: Your Wunder team will help

Send us information about your company and the contact person via the form on this page or your Wunder contact, and let us tell you more about our ID & identity verification service.

Sign agreement: Select a plan

Chose which plan fits best for you and agree to the terms, service level, payment, etc.

Start integration: Provide token

Obtain your token from the Wunder Dashboard, download the SDK and integrate it into your app. That's it!