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The world’s leading mobility marketplace connected to our stable and scalable mobility platform.

The world’s leading open mobility platform

We offer the leading marketplace to extend MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) software to all customers. The Wunder Marketplace gives customers the power and flexibility to make sure that their business is on the path to success. From taking the daily stress out of operations to adding features on their platforms, customers will find everything they need to grow the business they desire.

  • Well documented APIs
  • Integration support
  • Transparent onboarding
  • Marketing support

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Let’s talk about your idea to improve daily operations, build new features or tools for our customers.

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Our Infrastructure

We provide it all. Technical documentation, a reliable and open API, and support help to make the most out of your idea.

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The Product Ecosystem

Seamleassly sync vehicle data, user data, and trip data between your solution and Wunder Mobility instances.

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From idea to partnership in no time.

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Find our constantly growing FAQ about the Wunder Marketplace here.

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API Documentation

Download the API and Webhook documentation now to learn how easy it is to connect your solution with the Wunder Mobility platform.