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OpenCage Geocoding API

An API to convert coordinates to location information.


A highly-available geocoding API for converting device coordinates into location information. We serve tens of millions of API requests per day to thousands of developers. Global coverage, straight-forward, predictable, highly-affordable pricing, no contractual lock-in, and fully GDPR compliant.

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One API, many open data sources

We take all the work out of using open data by aggregating many sources and keeping them up to date.

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Comprehensive documentation and tutorials

Save valuable engineering time by following our detailed tutorials for over 30 different programming languages.

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Radically more affordable, no long-term commitment required

Most data sources have complicated terms and conditions and require long-term contracts. We don’t. Pricing start from €45/$50 per month.

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Getting started with OpenCage Geocoding API

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No need to reinvent the wheel, we have SDKs for over 30 different programming languages, so you can get going quickly.

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