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Self-sovereign identity management as the engine of new mobility. By supporting myEGO’s open ecosystem approach, the automotive and mobility industry can be revolutionized through a concept based on data – verified personal information of individuals.

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myEGO is a digital, blockchain-based platform for self-determined identity (SSI) management, i.e. the user can control the ownership of his personal data and determine to whom and what information should be shared with third parties. A person's individual data points - his identity (e.g. ID card, driver's license, banking information, etc.) are verified, validated or attested by third parties through the myEGO platform. Our understanding is based on the idea of open, secure and user-centric ecosystems - myEGO thus revolutionizes the customer relationship between customers and companies through an innovative and sustainable onboarding approach. Multiple uses of (verified) user data assets can be linked across ecosystems and services, eliminating data silos.

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Integrating simple and seamless processes

Data combinations & Digitization of processes: Digitization demands new types of processes that must be designed to be faster and more user-friendly. At myEGO, the user is always at the center of each solution. The user shares his verified data combinations (driver’s licence, ID, credit card, etc.) , for vehicle registration, financing, car sharing, etc.: fast – simple – safe.

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Digital identity as the engine of new mobility

By supporting myEGO’s open ecosystem approach, the automotive industry can be revolutionized through a concept based on data – verified personal information of individuals. Through the myEGO platform, the entire automotive and mobility industry is now being revolutionized, integrating simple and seamless processes. Furthermore, the open ecosystem not only enables increased value for all customers, but also creates fast and innovative business processes and collaborations between the automotive industry and other sectors, such as vehicle registration, insurance or the long-term realization of smart cities.

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Data ownership:

Car manufacturers and mobility providers collect vast amounts of different data, i.e. CO2 emissions, velocity, GPS etc. At myEGO, companies can also become data providers to benefit from data monetization (with the user’s consent).

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