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Monitor, analyze and optimise your damage & service management with motum!

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Our accident & damage reporting allows you to have a live overview of the fleet condition at any time and significantly increase the utilization of your fleet. With our web-based app and dashboard, we enable you to react to vehicle damages and service issues at an early stage and reduce your damage-related costs.

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Easy and intuitive damage and service reporting

With our web-app solution, you can enable your drivers to get a live overview of the car condition and report new damages & service requests easily.

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Live overview of all incidents via the web-portal

Via the web-portal the you can easily monitor the fleet condition and react to the reported claims. High-quality pictures and details of the damage help make better decisions and save repair costs.

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Receive and approve estimates from your service providers via the web-portal

Reach out to your service providers digitally through the web-portal in order to receive & approve cost estimates, make appointments as well as transmit invoices in a structured and digital way.

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Reach out

Reach out to us to discuss your current setup and how motum can help you to reduce your damage management costs!

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Import your fleet & driver data

When all is set, we will import your fleet and driver data in order to register the vehicles and drivers.

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Start saving

Once the set-up is completed, it is up to your drivers to start reporting so that you can manage & monitor the fleet condition!

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