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An engaging loyalty system (SDK) for your app to reward users for their green mobility.

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Increase customer loyalty and retention, while building a green brand image which goes beyond mobility. Make your app a tool against climate change by transforming the environmentally sound transportation of your users into individual rewards and planted trees.

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Turning mobility behaviours into CO2-savings

MOBACK allows automatic transport mode detection and CO2 calculation while being GDPR compliant. It always runs in the background of your app without draining your users’ battery.

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Understand the context of your service usage

Get insights on the full mobility of your users, understanding how, when, and where they travel, even when they are not using your services. Understand your competition and segment your users based on their travel preferences.

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Build a green loyalty ecosystem beyond your services

Push your own green services by providing custom individual rewards through our marketplace. You also have the option to provide affiliated rewards with existing partners (eg. Garmin and Komoot).

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