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MotionTools Fleet Servicing

Automation-assisted job dispatching and live tracking for maintenance teams.

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Empower your team to maintain the best customer experience.

With automated job dispatching, live location tracking and intuitive user experiences for fleet managers and as vehicle maintenance workers on the road, our software is designed to upgrade the operations process of any shared mobility business.

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Create jobs in seconds

Our cloud dashboard makes it easy to manage your in-house maintenance team, as well as partner organisations. Use our cloud dashboard to create new jobs as well as monitor active and planned maintenance tasks.

Advanced features, such as vehicle-specific routines, our multi-stop tour creator and bulk uploading of jobs via CSV upload, help you save time and increase the profitability of your fleet.

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Find the right person – right on time

Real-time synchronisation between connected vehicles and field service workers empower our platform to facilitate fully automated dispatching of vehicle maintenance jobs.

Our dispatching system automatically creates vehicle reservations and uses their live location to provide field workers with on-demand vehicle access, while reducing the downtime of your fleet to the absolut minimum.

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All the tools at their fingertip

White-label mobile apps for Android and iOS make it easy for your team to receive jobs instantly, accurately perform maintenance tasks and damage checks as well as take care of vehicle inventory and cleanliness.

Our software provides maintenance workers with easy-to-configure checklists as well as instant photo upload helping to get vehicles fully documented and ready for sharing in record time.

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