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Location Analytics for Operational Efficiency

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We are a location analytics platform for city & operations teams to analyze ground operations and movement patterns. Think of Mixpanel for real-world operations. We help city and operations teams analyze their operations and get hyperlocal insights in just 3 clicks- without a single line of code, query, or engineering bandwidth.

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No Engineering Favours

Real-time and historical insights available in just three clicks: without a single line of code, query or analyst bandwidth.

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Increased Agility

Reduce time to insights so that you can run experiments with different hypotheses and measure their impact in different areas.

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Built for your Industry

With best practices from all over the industry and visualizations and metrics that are relevant for your growth and operations teams.

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  • Vehicle Data
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  • Trip Data

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Try out demo: Explore Locale for all the use cases it offers in your industry demo.locale.ai.

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Contact our sales team by filling in the form on this page.

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You can DM us on Twitter or LinkedIn where we are very active and we will get in touch with you soon.

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