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Predict demand, increase utilisation and minimise operations costs


Lanterne helps you to deploy your fleet optimally across a city to achieve up to 30% more rides.

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We help operators get the most possible rides

Our machine learning model predicts demand by combining your historical demand and supply data with external data to identify areas with a supply demand mismatch. We then serve you actionable recommendations tailored to your operations to close that gap and boost utilisation.

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Our solution is easy to use and integrate

You can simply start following our recommendations through the dashboard we provide. You can also integrate our demand predictions and recommendations into your existing tools through our API.

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Risk-free trial

Don’t take our word for the value of our solution – our initial analysis and trial will prove it to you.

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Getting started with Lanterne

No-cost value test

Send us a sample of your fleet data and we'll run a preliminary analysis in which we evaluate the performance of our model and the potential benefit of applying our solution.

Pilot collaboration

If you are happy with the results, we proceed to a one-month pilot to test the solution in the real world.


After a successful pilot, we agree a commercial contract with pricing based on the value we create.