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Boost utilisation, increase productivity and track performance

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Lanterne helps shared car, scooter, bike and moped fleets boost utilisation, increase operations efficiency, and monitor operations performance.

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Automatically schedule battery charging, maintenance, rebalancing, and other tasks for your service technicians.

Our automatic task scheduling helps technicians complete the most important tasks each shift, increasing fleet utilisation by up to 20%. Tasks are prioritised to make sure critical fleet issues are addressed promptly, and rebalancing tasks are generated by our AI-based demand prediction model.

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Boost technician productivity with our easy-to-use operator app. 

Our operator app helps technicians to see all their operational tasks at a glance. Filter by type and priority to focus on what really matters. Lock, unlock and change vehicle state directly from the app. Technicians achieve up to 25% higher task completion using Lanterne’s operator app.

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Gain insights into operations productivity.

Easily detect operational underperformance. Monitor and benchmark your operational productivity and receive notifications directly to your inbox.  Track how many tasks have been completed by time and type.

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Request a demo.

We will show you how Lanterne works, learn about your specific requirements, and project your estimated return on investment.

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Complete a trial.

Launch with us and measure your efficiency gain over a one to three month trial period. 

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Save costs, increase utilisation and improve productivity.

Embed Lanterne into your operations and benefit from our continuous improvement cycle dedicated to refining and automating your operational processes.

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