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Goodpatch is an independent design company, driven by the mission to prove the power of design.

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Goodpatch is an independent Design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. Driven by the mission to prove the power of Design, we create sustainable value for people, organizations, and the planet.

We build digital products and experiences in and around connected cars as well as solutions in the broader mobility space. Our Design consultancy is heavily focusing on mobility User Experience. Supporting our clients by implementing a company- wide design-driven culture is part of our DNA.

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Prove the power of design

We are a true digital product studio and can design products completely in- house. Our Design and Development teams are using empathy, research, validation, and testing to support OEMs and Startups around the globe. Our objective is creating product visions, white label and branded products, while working on different approaches for B2C and B2B customers.

We also facilitate workshops to bring the teams together and to bring a Human- Centered Design approach into the organisation. So we ensure prototyping the UX and creating the UI experience of products and mobility services.

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Goodpatch’s Research Lab

A clear and comprehensive understanding of user behavior is at the core of everything we do. For this reason, we decided to build an in-house research lab that would enable us to provide our clients with the valuable user insights required to make key decisions and guarantee that their products have the biggest impact. Equipped with the latest technologies, our research lab is located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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We speak English, Japanese, German, design & tech

We craft details and create delight. With a Human-Centered Design approach, we ensure that digital products and services become meaningful to your users and enrich their lives. On and off the screen. Since we recently listed to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we are a stable company with a highly professional setup - meeting the compliance requirements of our corporate customers.

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With offices around the world, you can reach us anytime

Our Berlin team is well known for building digital products for startups and global brands alike.

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Connect with our Mobility experts

Come to our design studios in Berlin or Munich for an hour of coffee, conversation or one-on-one consultation. You can also write us for a completely remote session or phone call!

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