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Eye-Net™ Protect

Eye-Net™ Protect is a software add-on (SDK) designed to provide real-time pre-collision alerts to pedestrians and micromobility users by using smartphones and relying on existing cellular networks.


Filling the safety void, Eye-Net develops cellular-based V2X (vehicle to everything) collision prediction and prevention solutions. The company’s innovative Eye-Net™ Protect safe micromobility solution is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that provides real-time pre-collision alerts to pedestrians and micromobility users. The anonymous service seamlessly integrates with personal smartphones and relies on existing cellular networks without requiring a registered profile.

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Real time safety warning system for micromobility users

The growing popularity of alternative transportation options – both shared and owned – has changed the urban mobility landscape. E-bikes, e-scooters, and hoverboards have become mainstream replacements for cars and public transportation, a positive trend that eases traffic congestion while allowing greater maneuverability on city streets. However, unlike cars, which have multiple layers of protection, micromobility vehicles typically lack any kind of safety warning system. To ensure its continued success and increase adoption, it’s important to solve the problem of how to protect riders and vulnerable road users.

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