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Drover PathPilot

AI powered fleet IoT module with sidewalk detection and real-time vehicle control.

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Drover’s PathPilot is a ‘plug and play’ module designed to be retrofit onto existing micromobility fleet vehicles and uses AI and our proprietary sensor fusion technology to deliver granular infrastructure distinction and the ability to control vehicle behavior based on that. PathPilot can function as a secondary IoT module in concert with your existing module, or be used as the primary IoT module to manage your fleet vehicles.

  • Sidewalk detection (and resulting vehicle level decisions that can be taken).
  • Granular location categorization - specifically designated categories like a sidewalk, bike lane, crosswalk, street, and the possibility of taking specific vehicle level action based on those.
  • Parking verification & management. Real-time ability to verify and enforce user parking in a designated area like corrals or docking stations
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The only AI powered IoT module

Take your vehicle IoT intelligence to the next level with Drover PathPilot. Easy compliance with regulations, demonstration of superior safety capabilities for city RFPs, and potential reduction of insurance costs. PathPilot will provide you with unparalleled understanding of rider behavior by being precisely aware of where your vehicles are being ridden. Granular location categorization - specific designated categories like sidewalk, bike lane, crosswalk, street and possibility of taking specific vehicle level action based on those.

Infrastructure distinction - ability to identify specific areas like covered parking garages or building lobbies and take real-time vehicle level control - preventing users from taking scooters in those areas Drover can help you run a more efficient, safe and compliant fleet ultimately increasing your profitability!

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This App requests access to

  • Deliver API Credentials
  • Vehicle Data
  • Trip Data

Getting started with

Drover PathPilot

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Provide us with hardware details on your fleet vehicles

Vehicle make/model, battery specs, motor controller, etc.

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Tell us about your existing IoT module, if any

If you already have an IoT module deployed on your vehicles, PathPilot simply serves as a secondary module that communicates the granular states of location with the parent IoT module which in turn takes any vehicle level decisions (speed reduction, etc).

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We customize a mounting bracket and design an integration plan.

Chances are, we may have already worked with the vehicles you use but if your hardware is new to us, we customize a mounting bracket. On the software side, we help you with the integration of the APIs provided by Drover.

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