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DAMAGE iD captures BEFORE and AFTER video and photos to protect owners and renters from minor damages.


DAMAGE iD is a VIDEO and photo-tracking service that provides web and mobile technology solutions to rental companies, loaner fleets, and car-sharing. Using smartphones or tablets, rental agents, and customers follow simple steps to digitally record vehicles and gas levels during checkout. Upon return agents and customers take new photos and flag for damage.

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Identify and Prove Vehicle Damage

✓ VIDEO with Side-by-Side Comparison ✓ VIN Scanner for instant vehicle lookup ✓ Digital Vehicle histories and reporting ✓ Signature Capture ✓ Developer API to leverage existing IT investments

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Getting started with DAMAGE iD

Download DAMAGE iD

Go to Google PlayStore or Apple Store and type in DAMAGE iD

Create a New Account and Sign In

Use the New Company Account Request Form to obtain Approval. After receiving credentials, Sign in to the App.

Record Digital History and Review

Enter vehicle License Plate or Vin and follow the prompts for a guided walk-around inspection. Login to Review Portal to view digital history in Cloud.