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City Dive

Take a deep dive into the shared-mobility ecosystem

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City Dive is a business intelligence tool that lets you track the supply and use of shared-mobility services (bikes, scooters, mopeds, and cars) in 70+ European cities.

Get access to exclusive insights & daily metrics for each city:

  • Fleet size & total trips
  • Maps on vehicles deployment
  • Maps on Origin/Destination of trips
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Benchmark services in 70+ cities

Compare the KPIs of 140+ shared-mobility services (bikes, scooters, mopeds & cars) in more than 70 European cities.

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Identify business opportunities

Explore European countries & cities to identify markets where you could launch your service.

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Analyze vehicle demand

Visualize aggregated trip data to make informed conclusions about rider usage and vehicle demand in the cities where you operate.

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