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cidaas ID validator

Digital verification of driving license, ID card and passport in onboarding process.

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The cidaas ID validator is a new, innovative and eIDAS compliant service for the verification of ID cards, passports and driving licenses. The documents are recorded by the user with the device camera following clear instructions. Using facial recognition, the system checks that the user matches the owner of the document. The procedure is based on AI technologies and the checks are carried out automatically within seconds.

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Best-Price Validity Check of Driving Licenses

The cidaas ID detects the type of badge and checks for its authenticity using badge-specific security features. Personal and biometric data are extracted, and the validity is analysed.

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Fast and comfortable verification of a person and driving license (anywhere, anytime)

No matter at what time or where, using the cidaas ID validator a person can authenticate and get securely onboarded in short time using any camera-ready device.

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High Security for you and your users

An AI-based comparison of the extracted biometric data of the face and the ID card images ensure that only reliable identified persons are getting access to your fleet.

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Getting started with

cidaas ID validator

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Get in Touch

Together we will arrange, that you can try out and start with cidaas ID validator in a very short time. You can get in touch with us via the form on this page.

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Setup of cidaas ID validator

We will setup your cidaas ID validator instance. So you can use your own instance to verify your users reliably.

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Integrate cidaas ID validator in your Flow

As the final step cidaas ID validator will be integrated in your flow to onboard the user and connect to your backend systems.

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