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Cerence Tour Guide

An audio guide experience for shared mobility incl. content and monetization options.

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Cerence Tour Guide is an application that enriches the experience of riding an eScooter (or other micro mobility vehicle) by making exploring cities and casual rides more interesting and fun! It allows eScooter riders to get all the benefits of high-quality audio tour guides from their smartphone, enabling them to choose from packaged tours or explore spots of their interests on the go. With Cerence Tour Guide, users receive audio information about all exciting places along their journeys.

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Audio tour guide functionality based on native audio or textual content

Tour Guide is a cloud based solution that delivers interfaces to providers of native audio guides along with Cerence’s new neural network based TTS (speech synthesis) allowing to read out textual content (like Wikipedia) in near-human quality (proven in usability tests).

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Interesting business and monetization models

Tour Guide has different modes: explore and packaged tour allowing different business models, e.g. pay per day or buy packaged tours. It also comes with the possibility to purchase attraction and event tickets through our booking partners, creating additional revenue share opportunities.

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Cerence Tour Guide

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Reach out via email

Ask for a meeting so we can show you the full product and its options.

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Discuss content and business models

There are multiple options for content scope and together we need to select the right set, as well as the right business model.

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Discuss setup and technical integration

Understand your infrastructure and how does your app looks like, into which Tour Guide would be integrated.

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