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Apaya empowers merchants to satisfy their customer’s payment preferences, expand their reach and improve conversion rates.

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Apaya empowers merchants to offer a localised experience to satisfy their customer’s payment preferences and rapidly expand geographical reach.

Customers are intelligently presented with local payment methods to increase conversion rates and drive incremental revenue.

Offer your customers 150 + different payment options - mobile wallets (We Chat Pay, AliPay, Strex), bank transfer (700+ banks) and mobile phone billing (Vodafone, Etisalat, Singtel etc.)

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Start Building Connections

Apaya provides a unified API to access to 150+ local payment methods which are forecast to process 66% of global e-commerce transactions by 2023. Provide your customers the payment methods they know and recognise and help them get riding faster.

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Mobility is hyper local, so are payments

As commerce is becoming increasingly global, payments are becoming increasingly local. Customers abandon their purchase when the experience is not localised (language, price, currency and payment methods). Apaya provides a fully localised experience to your customers, to maximise conversion.

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Innovate your business model and reduce costs

Local payment methods enable you to expand the business models you offer, to include single payments, membership, auto top-up, long term lease and wallet re-charge. Use these to create new revenue streams and remove charge backs and card declines.

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Get in touch for a demo

Please get in touch with our team and we can arrange a demo of the Apaya solution.

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Develop a Payment Strategy

Our team will conduct a free analysis of your existing payment experience and use our sector insights to develop a new payment strategy.

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Complete a short integration into Apaya or, if you use the Wunder Customer App, we will soon be able to configure you without any need to integrate.

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