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Adjust’s platform includes measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and marketing automation products.


Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement, marketing automation and fraud prevention. As a data-driven marketer, gain full control of your data to make smarter and more secure decisions about your campaigns, budgets and app strategy.

We deliver high-quality analytics and fraud prevention solutions to 35,000 apps worldwide.

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Granular attribution for user acquisition

Discover your most valuable users and the channels that brought them to you. No matter where they come from - organic, social or paid campaigns, Adjust lets you plug into over 2000 partners around the world and filter your results into a single dashboard. Delve into your most successful campaigns with four levels of granularity to find the path that drives the most success.

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Make fast, actionable decisions with your marketing data

Save time from going in and out of several dashboards to analyze your marketing performance. Adjust Automate unifies all your campaign data from Facebook, Google UAC, Snapchat, Twitter and Apple Search ads in a single dashboard that lets you optimize your bids and budgets in real time.

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Trust your campaign data with the Fraud Prevention Suite

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite is the only solution that comprehensively and proactively prevents performance fraud from draining your budgets and ruining your data sets. Fraud doesn’t just represent stolen money, it also represents bad data that can lead to worse marketing decisions. Adjust rejects mobile ad fraud in real time, protecting you against the most advanced types of fraud - like SDK spoofing, device farms, click spamming and click injection - so that you don’t have to worry about fraudsters looking to rob you blind.

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Getting started with Adjust

Get in touch with our team

Reach out to our sales team in order to understand our pricing and onboarding process.

Integrate our open-source SDK

Get familiar with our product and integrate our SDK to measure the important user activity within your app. If you are using the Wunder Whitelabel-App, the SDK is already integrated.

Start optimizing your performance marketing campaigns

Consult your campaign results on the Adjust dashboard.