Struggling with defining your fleet size? We developed a framework to identify opportunities for your shared mobility fleet.

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Electric carsharing in Copenhagen and beyond

The details

Green Mobility offers easy transportation to private consumers and companies in 7 different cities across Europe. Their operational expertise, coupled with Wunder Mobility’s technology, has created the foundation for steady growth and profitability in the shared mobility space.

Green Mobility's vision is to replace car ownership by car sharing with a fleet that is 100% run by e-vehicles.

100% Electric vehicle fleet

100K+ Customers on the platform

2020 Reached profitability

7 Cities around Europe

Wunder Mobility helped us move [from] a platform that didn’t really work onto a better platform.

Steffen W. Frølund
Chief Marketing Officer, Green Mobility

Get started with your vehicle sharing service

Wunder Mobility is an all-in-one platform to help get your vehicle sharing company off the ground. Equipped with a mobile app, backend management system, and sharing-ready vehicles, Wunder can get you on the streets in no time.

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