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Engage employees and cut emissions with carpool

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Meet Wunder Carpool

The Wunder Carpool app enables employees to organize shared rides to work.

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Improve the daily commute

Employees save on transport costs, emit less CO2 and have more fun when they share rides to work.

Increase employee engagement by transforming the daily commute into an exciting, social experience.

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Fight climate change

Employees who share rides reduce the number of cars on the roads and in company parking lots, cutting emissions.

Show the world your company cares about sustainability. The community will thank you for reducing pollution and your brand gets green credentials in the process.


of CO2 saved with our carpooling solution



trees planted

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Declutter your parking

Carpooling and parking go hand-in-hand. It’s a simple idea: less cars on the lots = less parking costs.

Give carpoolers prefered parking in front of their office, minimize wasted time and increase the efficiency of your parking.

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tons of yearly CO2 savings


trees planted per year


parking spaces saved

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Let’s talk about your company’s vision and how carpool can help. We’ll design a custom system tailored to your needs.

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Implement with ease

We’ve got experience with carpooling, you know what’s best for your business. Together, we’ll develop a simple carpool program your employees will love using.

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Track your growth

Congrats, your carpool program is live! Keep track of data with reporting and dive deeper with consulting - we’ll help you grow and improve.

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Client Stories

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Pharmaserv is the operator of Standort Behringwerke, a pharmaceutical park in Marburg, Germany. When managing an ever-growing campus, the topic of parking is always relevant and top-of-mind, which is why Pharmaserv, while searching for new mobility solutions, partnered with Wunder.

With Wunder's operational support, Standort Behringwerke's employees now have access to Wunder's carpooling app, which enables them to share rides with colleagues everyday and gain access to priviliged parking spots.

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Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the largest German airline, needs no introduction. Wunder and Lufthansa's partnership was achieved to provide the employees of the airline with yet another sustainable mobility option and is currently in its pilot phase in Lufthansa's offices in Frankfurt.

The project is being accompanied closely by Wunder's dedicated project team since day 1, with full operational, project management, marketing and data analytics support being offered.

FDM – The Federation of Danish Motorists


The Federation of Danish Motorists (FDM) is an automobile and roadside assistance organisation based in Lyngby, Denmark. Looking to expand their portfolio with sustainable mobility solutions, FDM has partnered with Wunder to jointly bring Ta'Med, a carpooling app, into Danish lands.

While the service is available for free for the entire country, exclusive benefits are offered for the employees of partner companies of FDM.

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