WM Podcast: Renn Vara discusses Wunder Mobility's 10 year-anniversary with Gunnar Froh

Podcast template image featuring Renn Vara.

In May 2011, Gunnar embarked on a transformative journey at Airbnb in San Francisco, marking the beginning of his profound relationship with mobility. Reflecting on the concept of mobility before the era of Uber and navigating through regulations, Gunnar shares insights into the industry's mindset and challenges. Despite regrets along the way, Gunnar emphasizes the institutionalized knowledge gained, leading to increased efficiency and stability for Wunder Mobility. Building relationships beyond customers, embracing innovation through shared knowledge, and maintaining flexibility in decision-making are crucial aspects highlighted by Gunnar. 

As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, Gunnar acknowledges the constant unpredictability and emphasizes the importance of product innovation and adaptability for the next decade. Join us as we explore Gunnar's journey and the future of mobility solutions, here.

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