Why Utility Providers Should Get In On the Shared Mobility Game

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You’ve probably heard the calls to innovate stale and outdated business models, maybe even within your own organization. You want to speak to new and younger audiences while staying authentic and not relying on empty marketing stunts.

It’s crucial for any business to keep up with the times and to develop along with its customer base. As a utility provider, you already know what it means to take care of your customers. You literally power their homes, their offices, their everyday lives.

We understand that it can be difficult to find creative and effective ways of reaching new customers. Innovation can seem especially daunting if you have to consider that whatever you do has to stay true to your brand, extend your reach, contribute to wider company goals and also serve your customers.

Creative Branding Opportunities for Utility Providers

Luckily there’s a solution that covers all of these points: Launching your own branded shared mobility fleet in your city.

This is still a relatively untapped market for utility providers and as such has huge potential for meeting innovation and business development goals. Powering your fleet has multiple benefits for your brand, all of which we outline below.

How Powering Your Own Shared Fleet Benefits Your Brand

It’s Moveable Marketing

Billboards and call centers are outdated and no longer how you reach audiences. You want your brand to be mobile, agile, and digital - just like your customers. Extend your reach all across your service areas with branded e-vehicles that change their location daily. This type of moveable marketing makes your brand instantly recognizable, ties it to sustainability efforts and supports customers on the spot.

Connect with New and Existing Customers

Make your brand synonymous with mobility and connection. Offering a shared mobility fleet to your city and community will make your brand more tangible and recognizable to new customers by literally taking it to the streets.

Not to mention you can inspire loyalty within your current customer base: By powering a shared electric fleet, you are showing them that you are serious about sustainability while offering them a convenient, reliable and green way of getting around.

It’s a Unique Branding Opportunity

Instantly refresh your brand image and bring it into the digital age. Show that you’re at the forefront of innovation by being one of the first utility providers to power your own fleet. Not many others have caught wind yet, so now’s the perfect time to launch.

It’s Cost-Effective

Best of all? You can launch your own branded fleet at the fraction of what a traditional marketing campaign costs. As an example, you can launch your own fleet for 4% of what it would cost to advertise on billboards. Better reach for your marketing buck? Nothing beats that.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

Our operations platform and customizable white label app offer you an end-to-end solution to get your mobility sharing business scaling.