Smooth Sailing: The Mobility Pioneers Forum by Wunder Mobility & Allianz Partners in Amsterdam

Michael Maicher and Gunnar Froh standing alongside eachother on a boat traveling through the canals of Amsterdam

On June 5th, Wunder Mobility and Allianz Partners co-hosted the Mobility Pioneers Forum in the enchanting city of Amsterdam. This time, the event took a unique and delightful turn as we hosted it on a scenic boat trip through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

We were thrilled to meet our guests from all corners of the shared mobility industry, including leaders from car-sharing, eBikes, kick scooters, and more. The absence of a keynote or panel discussion didn't diminish the value of the event. Instead, the relaxed and informal setting fostered deeper connections and engaging conversations as we glided down the canals, enjoying the picturesque views that Amsterdam has to offer.

Raymon Pouwels, uMob speaking with Agustin Guilisasti and Michael Stewart, Forest.

The timing of our event coincided perfectly with the Micromobility Europe Industries conference, held on June 5-6. This provided an excellent opportunity for our attendees to participate in both events, maximizing their experience and networking potential. The Mobility Pioneers Forum in Amsterdam was a resounding success. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and passion of our guests as we discussed the current trends and future directions of the shared mobility industry. The boat trip not only provided a unique backdrop but also enhanced the camaraderie among the participants.

Timo, Wunder Mobility in a midst of a conversation.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for this memorable event. Your presence and contributions made it truly special. As we look forward to our future events, we remain committed to fostering innovation and collaboration in the shared mobility space.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates from Wunder Mobility and Allianz Partners. Until then, let’s continue to shape the future of mobility together!

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