Share the ride and regain the city

A moia car driving through a calm and urban area of Hamburg.

MOIA, part of the Volkswagen Group, develops mobility services and works in partnership with cities and PTOs. MOIA started ridesharing to reduce traffic in Hamburg and Hanover. Next: London.

With MOIA ridesharing, people whose start and destination are in a similar direction share a vehicle. The customer requests a ride by app. A dynamic pooling algorithm assigns the customer to an existing trip in fractions of a second. Pooling helps reduce private transport and use road infrastructure more efficiently.

MOIA fits a niche between individual car traffic and scheduled services, and supplements public transportation and a city’s additional mobility services with ridepooling. In this way, MOIA addresses growing mobility needs, making it even easier for city dwellers to give up their cars within the city.

Up to 500 vehicles in Hamburg

In Hamburg, the yellow vehicles are already part of urban mobility. The all-electric MOIAs glide across the streets with a characteristic whirring sound instead of roaring engines. There are currently more than 150 vehicles on the road in a service area of 200 km² in Hamburg. The fleet will increase to 500 vehicles next year, and the service area will grow to 300 km². MOIA serves the entire urban area of Hanover, Germany’s first major city.

MOIA can already look back on 1,000,000 passengers and continues to grow. In order to avoid unnecessary trips, MOIA is planning several hubs across Hamburg. The second hub opened recently, and more will follow. This ensures a better-distributed fleet across the city.

Young caucasian people walking on a street and a driving yellow MOIA truck in the background on the street.

London – first international project

The London project marks the first test in an international market. Under the umbrella of Transport for London (TfL), MOIA is cooperating with public transportation operator RATPDev, one of the world’s largest transport companies, as a technology partner in a joint ridepooling test. For twelve months, the impact of ridepooling on the traffic situation in Ealing will undergo a joint study with TfL, underlining MOIA’s cooperative approach to develop mobility with local authorities and public transport companies.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

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