Recap: Wunder Mobility at Autonomy Paris 2024

Jana Neumann on Autonomy Paris keynote stage standing.

During the Autonomy Paris event, held from March 20th to 21st, we had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge API-first software platform, which is revolutionizing the micromobility and car-sharing industry. Visitors were able to delve into the versatility of our platform, discovering how they could seamlessly integrate SaaS and in-house solutions to suit their specific requirements, thereby enhancing their chances of success and profitability in the dynamic mobility landscape.

Our team was fully prepared and eager to engage with attendees, discussing the myriad benefits of our customizable platform for micromobility and car-sharing operators. We highlighted the advantages of combining SaaS and in-house solutions, as well as exploring additional features tailored to their individual needs.

A highlight of the event was the keynote speech delivered by our COO, Jana Bartels, at the AUTONOMY World Expo. Attendees participated in a thought-provoking discussion on overcoming the challenges faced by operators in cities with limited mobility options, and the importance of differentiation in competitive markets and tender processes. Through our insights, attendees learned how to leverage proprietary technology effectively to gain a competitive edge, strategically deploying these assets to secure lucrative city tenders and outperform competitors.

Further, we delved into the potential of SaaS platforms for essential functions, emphasizing the importance of layering unique functionalities to drive businesses forward in the shared mobility sector.

We look forward to the Autonomy Paris Expo in 2025, until next year!

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