The complete guide to one way car sharing

White car driving on a wet road through the snowy forest and wintry day.

Whether you’re someone looking to borrow a car for a trip, or want to make some extra money with a car you own, you’ve probably heard of one way car sharing. Because of the dynamic shift in how people are getting around these days, car sharing services are on the rise, and it’s important to learn more about these services, in particular the one way car sharing services. This article explains what one-way car sharing is, why someone might use it, benefits and some services you can use now.

What is one way car sharing?

One way car sharing gives people a chance to start and end their route at entirely different locations. Depending on the type of service, the start and finish locations will vary, be it at a specific location or a general range. One way car sharing is an alternative to ride hailing services or vehicle ownership.


The benefits of car-sharing services, as opposed to car ownership or ride hailing, are nearly endless and continue to unfold as technology and infrastructure changes. Here are some of the most important benefits of one way car sharing.

Removes limitations of car owner’s current makes and models

Just because someone owns a car doesn’t mean they won’t need to use a car-sharing service. For example, someone may want to take a trip with their friends or family, but their car only seats two. They could use the sharing service for their trip. Or, someone may want to travel to a place with terrain their current car cannot handle. The sharing service would be perfect for them.

Widens trip/route range

Car-sharing is the first step to taking a vehicle on a trip you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go on. However, one way car sharing is needed if you’re taking a trip that necessitates a specific destination, particularly far from the starting point. So if you’re trying to go from one end of the country to the other, a one way car sharing service allows it rather than a roundtrip service.

Rising demand

For those looking to implement one way car sharing services as a business, it’s important to point out the rapidly growing rate of users enjoying these services. Not only are more people needing them, but the future looks bright with how moving patterns are disrupting mobility.

You save (a lot) of money

Using car sharing is far cheaper than owning your own vehicle or taking ride hailing services like Uber or Lyft. Owning a car can incur many costs for the owner, including taxes, loans, insurance and maintenance. With Uber or Lyft (and especially taxis) your costs include the driver, which can double or even triple car sharing rides.

Environmentally friendly

Owned cars on average aren’t in use 95% of the time they are owned. In congested cities, parking takes up valuable space and with no car ownership and only car sharing we could reclaim a ton of street for more eco-friendly uses, like busses, bikes and escooters. And car sharing is better for the environment than ride hailing as well because the driver has to drive to you before taking you to your destination.

Some one way car sharing services to consider

Green Mobility

GreenMobility is Europe’s all-electric free floating car sharing service committed to reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. They operate in Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and soon Norway. GreenMobility has over 100k customers on their platform and are highly recommended with 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot.


ShareNow, ever since its merger between DriveNow and Car2go, is now the world’s largest one-way carsharing service. Spanning internationally, from Austria and Germany to Italy, France and Spain, Sharenow offers users safe, easy-to-use service. It offers high-end models and ensures users have an experience that is memorable without the hassles typical of these services.

Gig car share

Cornering the Californian market is Gig Car Share, giving the WestCoast of America’s residents an easy way to get around. The app is aesthetically pleasing and simple, and the prices are very reasonable. The biggest perks include their insurance, parking and gas, which are all free when using the service.

Evo car share

Evo Car Share is bringing the car sharing service industry to Canada, sporting a powerful app, unique features and a new approach to the concepts of car sharing. The most unique thing about Evo is their partnerships with other companies and services that may be beneficial to those using the platform.


Udrive is the first pay by the minute car sharing service for the Middle East and operates in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They currently have over 100k customers on their platform and have excellent app ratings from users.

Powering one-way car sharing

Behind every vehicle sharing service is a vehicle sharing software that powers them. Whether it’s the white label app, the operations or the marketing incentives, car sharing providers rely on software to scale their business.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

Our operations platform and customizable white label app offer you an end-to-end solution to get your mobility sharing business scaling.