Is Your Mobility Tech Stack Holding You Back?

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Any business can benefit greatly from the right technology stack. Understanding your tech stack is vital for the success of your product, whether it’s just a standalone app or a complete ecosystem.

Before diving in, let’s first clarify what we mean by tech stack.

Imagine all the technologies used to build and maintain a web or mobile application. From the languages and libraries of the developers, to the front-end experience of the users, to the data analysis tools of the product managers, there are so many options at each step of the process. Making the right choice, or more importantly, having the flexibility of choice, can play a vital role in your vehicle-sharing business’s success.

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to extend or customize your tech stack by creating an interface for communication. Think of it as a handshake between your core platform (the technology you use to run your business operations) and any third party apps, vehicles, tools or whatever it is that needs to connect. This is what gives your tech ecosystem the chance to grow and scale with you.

Using an API for Your Shared Mobility Operations

Imagine you want to get the latest model of your mobile phone. There may be a small set-up process, but before you know it, you’re making calls, texting your parents, and posting a picture of your latte on Instagram. Only now you have vastly improved performance, a much crisper camera and maybe some extra features.

With an open API, the same thing is possible for your mobility platform. Perhaps you just want some stronger, deeper data analysis. An API lets you leverage the many endpoints it offers to get the data you need into whatever tool or software you are using. Data is, of course, immensely valuable for companies, especially for mobility companies who want to gain insights into their user behavior on the ground. But deciding how, when, and what to analyze is a flexibility and advantage not all platforms offer.

Choosing the Right Technology to Help Your Mobility Company Grow

In the world of a shared mobility company, there’s a lot of handshaking to be done between different technologies.There’s driver license verification, payments and of course the vehicles themselves, just to name a few.

Sharing vehicles need to be connected with an IoT device so that you can effectively monitor their status. All the data touch-points from this IoT device are then available to you to use as you please. Operationally, vehicle health and tracking is simple. For your customers, they get a seamless experience when finding, unlocking, and riding your shared vehicles.

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Is Your Current Mobility Tech Stack Up to the Task?

Your mobility tech stack gets higher when you integrate or upgrade your IoT device. This raises the question: is this even possible with your current tech stack?

If your core platform – that is, the technology that your mobility business operations is running on – is built with flexibility in mind, then yes. If not, then you’ll either be stuck with a limited selection of hardware choices. Then you should also consider moving to a more open platform.

In a vehicle-sharing company, the technology you use becomes the glue holding your product together. Since it plays such a pivotal role in determining your vehicle-sharing startup’s success, it’s wise to go for something that can grow and scale with you. An API gives you an open connection to your bigger and brighter future business.

It pays to give your business and your customers a smooth ride and a seamless experience. Make sure you can provide them with one by having a flexible platform that matches your ambitions.

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