Introducing a Mobility Data Platform For Cities - Wunder City

Overview of skyscrapers reaching through the fog in the middle of the day.

As more and more mobility companies expand their services in urban centers across the globe, cities and local governments are grappling with an influx of startups and mobility businesses.

Smart Cities Require Smart Solutions

Cities understand that in order to become more sustainable and efficient, they need to include all forms of mobility in their plans for the future. It’s clear that cities need to address the question of managing multiple operators in order to regulate them effectively.

In fact, most cities would like to embrace and understand the changes brought about by micromobility and other new types of mobility companies, but the amount of new players vying for precious urban space is so mind-boggling, cities are unsure of how to even begin tackling that problem. New mobility services evolve over a span of 4 months, not 4 years - unlike traditional mobility types - and cities need a tool that can help them understand these rapid changes and prevent them from getting left behind. That’s where Wunder City comes in.

The Ultimate Tool for Cities

Wunder City is a tool that visualizes the activity and data of multiple mobility companies in a city and compiles all relevant data into an easy-to-digest report. Cities are then presented with a comprehensive, comparative overview of all active mobility providers and can make better decisions based on credible data analysis.


High traffic times, historical data analysis and market development, popular riding areas, fluctuations and more are all visualized in these reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, making them immensely powerful tools for cities that might not otherwise have experience in data management or reporting, but still understand the value in gaining a deeper understanding of their mobility market close to home.

A Better Future

The goal of every city is to improve the quality of life for its citizens, now and in the future. In order to achieve that goal, cities are forced to make crucial decisions regarding urban planning, infrastructure and public transportation every day. With the Wunder City tool, we’re attempting to remove some of the guesswork from the equation and give cities a solid foundation upon which to base these important decisions.

Having a solid framework in turn allows cities to join forces with private operators with confidence - no market experience or special teams required - and fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors. Wunder City levels the proverbial playing field across all sectors, letting cities, companies, startups and administrators come together to help design a future that is greener, smarter and better for everyone.

Read about our pilot project with the City of Hamburg (in German) here.

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