3 Ways to Make Your Shared Mobility Fleet Stand Out

 Several caucasian persons standing in the middle of a city square on free-floating bikes and kick-scooters.

Bike, moped, and especially kickscooter sharing companies dominate the mobility landscape of many cities currently. If you live in an urban center in Europe, you probably pass by a number of vehicles from different mobility providers on your way to work or to the store.

If you run your own mobility service, then you know that there’s a lot of competition out there, a lot of options for riders looking for a quick, convenient sharing vehicle to choose from.

So how do you stand out in this sea of options? Next to offering competitive prices, how can you make sure your vehicles are chosen for the ride? Below we list and explain the 3 ways that you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Use Unique Branding To Catch Riders’ Eyes

This might seem like an obvious solution, however with any product, there are always a number of design trends that tend to dominate the market. For instance, a few years ago it seemed like millennial pink was the prevailing color from fashion to stationary, from home goods to beauty products.

It’s not that different in the world of mobility. Certain color schemes and designs tend to reign supreme. For example, kickscooters are often bright and bold, either with a main neon color or a fluorescent accent. This makes sense, as it stands out from other vehicles in public spaces.

With this in mind, have your branding and design teams think of unique and creative ways to catch riders’ eyes. An innovative way of presenting your brand on your vehicles might be the deciding factor for users who want to commute according to their own personal style.

In order to make your design vision a reality, be sure to partner with a vehicle provider that can customize your fleet. Without a white-label customization option, you’ll be stuck with bland and off-the-shelf vehicles that will fade into the background or be indistinguishable from the competition.

Offer Your Fleet in Key Locations

Timing is everything - and that goes for vehicle sharing as well. Being in the right place at the right time could make all the difference for your business.

It’s as simple as this: make sure you understand your market. Know where key locations and hotspots are in your city. Understand where your customers are booking rides and what the most popular routes and times of day are for bookings.

Leveraging hyperlocal data and acting on it in real time can help you lift off from your competition. Let’s say you realize there’s an increased demand after a concert. If you act quickly, you can place more vehicles in that area - or be better prepared for the next time those same conditions occur.

Provide an Unbeatable User Experience to Keep Them Coming Back

A great user experience extends beyond the look and feel of your app and vehicles. Of course you want to make sure your product reflects your brand and your mission, which is something you can easily achieve with a white-label software and hardware solution.

But out on the road, aesthetics and features take a backseat to one thing: reliability. It all comes down to if your user can reliably use both your software (in the form of the user app) and the hardware (meaning the vehicles they are riding). Personal mobility is a crucial aspect of a user’s life, and they should be able to depend on your products and services to not only work as promised, but to also go above and beyond in terms of ease of use and convenience.

Reliable products are at the heart of your user experience. If you can meet or even exceed those expectations, you might have a customer for life.

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