How Car Dealers Can Benefit By Going Digital

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Do you run a car dealership and own a loaner fleet of courtesy cars? Ever wonder about how going digital can effect your company positively in the longterm?

Maybe you’re still unconvinced that the pros outweigh the cons. Whatever your question is, we have answers for you. Read on to find out how going digital can benefit your company.

Know your audience? Then you know it’s time for an upgrade.

A new generation of customers has entered the market. They’re used to app-based travel and transportation solutions - actually, they’re used to doing pretty much everything on their smartphones - and they expect a fully digital experience every time they search for a product or service. In fact, 50% of global internet traffic is already routed through smartphones. (1)


One of the core tenets of sales is to know your audience. Considering the different expectations customers have today compared to even a few years ago, that should have obvious implications for car dealerships (or any car rental companies, really) who are looking to digitalize their operations. Some car dealerships are unconvinced it’s worth the “high” opportunity cost of wasting time and money on getting an app-based system set up, but in reality, that’s very far from the truth.

Going paperless means going hassle-free

A huge part of the digital experience is removing hassle for customers, but going paperless also decreases the hassle you face as a business owner. Having all forms and important documents stored in a virtual cloud “storage system” you have access to 24/7 means you can finally free yourself from that outdated filing cabinet collecting dust in the back office.


For customers, digital forms and contracts that can be signed via app are an absolute selling point - it’s a welcome change from waiting in a long line at a service counter. And why should they be forced to wait to pick up a courtesy car while theirs is being repaired? By letting customers book, pick up and sign for a loaner car all from one app, you’re giving them an experience they’ll remember and appreciate - no waiting in line required. That reduces the need for extra staff at the counter, which translates into more revenue for you in the long run.

Self-service is the future.

Going digital, going paperless or “self-service” are all terms that hint at the same concept: having an efficient business model that speaks to modern customers who expect on-demand services. By eliminating the need for paper forms, service counters or even keys, app-based technology lets you streamline your company’s operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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