A Strong Operational Platform is the Backbone of Your Fleet Business

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Aesthetics and features take a backseat to one thing: reliability. If you want to be successful, your mobility tech stack should be robust, dependable, and safe.

In the last 14 months, 7 mobility operators migrated to our software platform. For these migrations alone, our team processed quite a number of datasets, over 7.5 million to be exact.

These numbers got us thinking: What prompts mobility operators to switch from one platform to another? What sets one mobility software service apart from competing ones?

When choosing between software services, there are commonly two major deciding factors that come into play: features and price. But we’ve heard firsthand from clients who have migrated to our platform that these two things lose their importance when the product isn’t reliable and doesn’t perform as promised.

In an industry like mobility, where a lot is at stake for technology to work as expected, businesses cannot afford to disregard the reliability of the software that they’re buying. If you’re experiencing hours of downtime, annoying bugs, delays with updates, upset end users, and even unclear support from your software provider, you might want to strongly consider switching to a more reliable mobility platform.

The Wunder Mobility platform is feature-rich and reliable.

Migrating Your Mobility Software to a Better Platform

Wunder Mobility is the largest software provider in this space and we have a lot of experience in migrating customers from their in-house solutions or from competing platforms to ours.

We offer a competitive and feature-rich platform that can be used for all vehicle types and many different markets, like e-scooter and e-car sharing in both urban and rural communities around the world. We also focus strongly on our APIs, enabling our clients to get everything out of the platform that they need. Best of all, our migrations are completed quickly, smoothly, and with minimal downtime.

What Wunder Mobility Clients Say About Our Platform

Here’s what Tedd Rachev, CEO of Hobo Bulgaria LLC, has to say about their experience with our platform:

“As a local mobility provider based in the EU, our decision to join forces with a well known mobility tech company was a turning point for our business. One of Wunder Mobility’s top assets is the open software they offer. Having the support of their professional engineering team and brainstorming together with them is a game changer. We have the liberty to rapidly add personalized integrations that would best answer our own customers’ needs.”

Hobo powers shared micromobility with an electrically powered fleet of scooters around urban centers in Bulgaria, enabling their riders to have a fast, simple, and sustainable way of commuting.

With their aim to shape cities for people and to reduce pollution, Hobo has their eyes set on growth. “Wunder’s fleet management software includes a vast number of products which makes us dare to scale and gives the assurance that we can move forward with expanding our mobility-service portfolio with a trustworthy partner,” Tedd Rachev continues.

Time and again we hear from our customers that, next to all of the features we offer, the reliability of our platform was the deciding factor to migrate to – and stay with – us.

“Wunder Mobility helped us through a difficult situation from a platform that didn’t really work to a better platform,” says Steffen Frølund, Head of Marketing at GreenMobility. Powered by Wunder Fleet, GreenMobility offers easy transportation to private consumers and companies in 7 different cities across Europe. Their operational expertise, coupled with Wunder Mobility’s technology, has created the foundation for steady growth and profitability in the shared mobility space.

Mobility Software That Works

Being able to fully depend on your fleet software should be a given – and it always is with Wunder Mobility. Wunder Fleet is a comprehensive software solution that makes launching, managing, and scaling your shared mobility service a breeze. Exceptional design and robust technology combine to power an easy-to-use app where your users can do everything from on-demand vehicle booking and license verification to secure payments and so much more.

So if you’re looking for a robust operational platform that you and your end users can fully rely on, get in touch today for a demo of the Wunder Fleet platform.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

Our operations platform and customizable white label app offer you an end-to-end solution to get your mobility sharing business scaling.