Embracing the European Cycling Declaration: Wunder Mobility paves the way for a transformative chapter in bike sharing with their sharing e-Bike

The European Union logo displayed on the building owned by the European commission in Brussels, Belgium

At Wunder Mobility, we are delighted to embrace the adoption of the European Cycling Declaration, a significant initiative aimed at promoting cycling throughout the continent. We have long held the belief that cycling is an integral element of a sustainable and healthy future, and we are dedicated to taking a leading role in its advancement. As a demonstration of our commitment, we have leveraged our expertise to develop and continually evolve our sharing eBike in collaboration with Yadea '.

Furthermore, in recognition of the commendable efforts by the Mobility & Transport division of the European Commission, we have prepared responses to some of the chapters of the European Bicycling Declaration. These responses offer further insights into how our eBike can contribute to pave the way for a new era of bike-sharing, aligning with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

Developing and strengthening cycling policies

Wunder Mobility takes pride in providing a distinctive vehicle, enabling European operators to run eBike sharing businesses. By providing enterprises with company e-bikes, we facilitate seamless mobility solutions that cater to both businesses and end-users.

Additionally, our commitment to safety and reliability ensures that businesses can operate with confidence, further bolstering the transformation in mobility behavior and sustainability.Overall, our dedication to innovation and partnership enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that benefit businesses, end-users, and the broader community. 

Encouraging inclusive,affordable and healthy mobility

By providing operators with fleets of all sizes, especially in the European region, we enable end-users to access bikes without the need for ownership, promoting inclusive mobility for all. This approach aligns with our belief that cycling is integral to a sustainable and healthy future, and underscores our commitment to leading the way in its advancement.

Through partnerships and collaboration with our customers  we demonstrate our dedication to making cycling accessible and affordable to a wide range of users. Our bike not only promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles but also offers an environmentally friendly mode of transportation that reduces carbon emissions and congestion in urban areas.

By offering an innovative and user-friendly bike sharing solution, we empower communities to embrace cycling as a convenient and enjoyable means of transportation. The affordability and accessibility of Wunder Mobility’s sharing eBike make it a valuable asset in promoting mobility equity and fostering healthier, more sustainable cities across Europe.

Male riding the Wunder sharing eBike.

Improving road safety and security

When it comes to vandalism,we believe aesthetics play a crucial role in the user experience. A visually appealing bike is more inviting to ride, resembling a familiar sight rather than a foreign object, blending with the surroundings harmoniously. 

We've invested in the development of a sharing eBike, a product refined through extensive information gathering and development processes. We've continuously improved the eBike based on operator and end-user feedback, performance observations, and operator involvement.

Furthermore, the backup battery in the IoT connector ensures continuous operation of IoT and GPS functionalities, even if the main battery drains, providing an added layer of protection against theft.

In conclusion, Wunder Mobility’s sharing eBike embodies a perfect  composition , representing the next evolutionary step in sharing-bike design, safety and comfort standards. With a core focus on user experience and unwavering commitment to durability and easy maintenance, it stands as a competitive option in the realm of consumer bikes. Striving for excellence in comfort, agility, and reliability whilst offering  optimal size, ergonomics, and a seamlessly smooth riding experience.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

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