5 car rental alternatives you might not know about

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We’ve all had some type of experience with a rental vehicle, be it after a long flight or in a jam when our own car broke down. Whatever the case, it’s likely our experience was a bit suboptimal. Even if we had a good experience, we likely saw room for improvement.

Fortunately, new technology and systems have brought us this luxury. Here are five car rental alternatives that will change the way you think about renting.

1. Lyft rentals

By now, most everyone is aware of the convenient Uber and Lyft services, which let customers book a ride from one place to another, similar to a taxi service. However, lesser-known is the expansions these services are making, grabbing more corners of the market. Lyft Rentals is one of these expansions. Not only does Lyft Rentals work straight from the Lyft app, but it’s also a faster, more efficient way to get a car than a traditional rental service.

Why you should give it a try: As we continue to move toward a hassle-free world thanks to the help of apps such as Lyft and Uber, it makes sense that we’d want to further that process when it comes to more antiquated processes, such as car rentals. Not only does Lyft Rentals remove all the hassles associated with car rentals, such as extensive paperwork and red tape, but it also provides benefits for the customer, such as bonus credits toward Lyft services.

2. Dollar

Dollar is an online car rental service. It’s the equivalent of services such as Carmax or Vroom, only with rentals instead of purchases. What makes Dollar stand out is the fact that it is the closest thing to a traditional car rental service without actually being the same. This way, customers get the same type of experience without a drastic change which might be too disruptive for people a bit more set in their ways.

Why you should give it a try: There are endless reasons to let Dollar handle your next car rental, from competitive prices to numerous automobile makes and models to choose from. They’re also hyper-focused on safety, flexibility, and convenience.

3. Turo

The founders of Turo had a super original idea: what if instead of being restricted to the locations and selections of car rental places, people just rented out their own personal vehicles to one another, creating a giant marketplace of options? This idea resulted in Turo, the new way to rent a car without dealerships. Turo is a seamless process for customers, letting them choose the location and make of their desired vehicles and quickly complete their transaction.

Why you should give it a try: the possibilities are endless with Turo, giving users a wider range of car options. Instead of being forced to deal with a car dealership with years of terrible ratings, users can now find a Turo user with great ratings to do business with. And they can pinpoint a narrower range of locations and car models too.

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4. Getaround

Similar to Turo, Getaround created a marketplace of car-sharing where users could forego the unnecessary hassles of traditional car rentals and essentially share with their fellow human beings using the application as one big marketplace. Furthermore, Getaround focuses also on creating a service for those hoping to find a side job, making the process super convenient for both the renter and rentee.

Why you should use it: If you want an easy alternative to car renting, Getaround should be high on the list. It’s easy to get started, simple to navigate the app, easy to commit to a car, and simple to finish a transaction.

5. Zipcar

So, what about a car rental that isn’t for driving from one end of the country to the other? Isn’t there a service for someone who just needs a car for 30 minutes? The answer is yes, and that service is called Zipcar. Zipcar turns the car rental process into a more manageable situation while making it possible for more short-term use and/or distance.

Why you should use it: Zipcar is best suited for someone who wants to rent a car the old-fashioned way, with the added option of a rental for shorter travel distances.

Closing thoughts

The increase of car-sharing apps has revolutionized the way people look at and think about the industry. As these systems continue to grow and evolve, we’ll certainly see traditional car rentals as a thing of the past.

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